Multi-platform App UI

Last updated: 2024-01-15
MAUI stands for 🎬
It's a new edge technology by Microsoft, which makes building applications for Windows, Android, Apple (iOS and Mac), and samsung devices (smart TVs) with the same codebase (90% UI and code share) a breeze for C# developers.
With Maui, you build mobile apps, web apps (including webassembly apps), TV apps, windows apps, mac apps, and linux command-line or web apps.
Web apps are very very fast on a linux host. They overperform every other tech.
Maui apps are compiled. Once deployed, you can’t update them manually. During development, they support live update to their UI, and to their code up to a point.

Installing MAUI

Then open a command line and run:
dotnet workload install maui
You’ll get a list of templates projects to start with:
The best IDE to build maui apps are Rider (~200€), Visual Studio (~350€) and Visual Studio Code (free).
It's all setup, time to start coding ! 👣


To be continued, stay tuned !


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