Lorawan & RTK

We can help you setup your lorawan or RTK solution.


LoRaWAN is a
low cost
network designed for connected objects. Each antenna (80cm) has a
range of
4 to 50 km
. Most objects that are LoRaWAN-enabled have a
battery life of 10 years
Some existing lorawan enabled objects:
  • Sensors: humidity, moisture, pressure, vibration, orientation, AI camera, …
  • Actuators: valves, …
Use cases include:
  • Monitoring, defect detection, intrusion detection, triggering on a specific animal (like a fox), tracking of things like goods or animals, cold chain integrity detection, …
What could you do with this tech ?
  • Build and sell a connected object that works out of the box without any complicated setup, worldwide.
Companies selling LoRaWAN objects includes
(smart buildings) and
(raw sensors).


stands for
Real Time Kinematics
It is a satellite navigation technique used to enhance the precision of position data in applications such as GPS.
The target precision is 3cm all the time, instead of 5m to 10m for GPS under optimal conditions.
Use cases include:
  • Autonomous Drones
  • Precision Agriculture, Autonomous Vehicules,
  • Surveying and Mapping, Geological Exploration,
  • Construction and Engineering, Infrastructure Inspection,
  • Environmental Monitoring, Forestry Management,
  • Emergency Response
Well known
are OmniStar , NovAtel, Hemisphere. New challengers are Onocoy and Geodnet.
Device integrators build from those providers by integrating a
capable of receiving this RTK correction, like
. DJI also has an add on RTK receiver for its enterprise drones.

Differences with 5G

5G operators are not everywhere on the world.

With Lorawan, pay one operator and cover the world. An area is not covered ? Install our Lorawan antennas, connect them to the internet and voila !
Some RTK providers claim to be available worldwise. They are not. With our RTK provider, pay one operator and cover the world. An area is not covered ? Install our RTK antennas, connect them to the internet and voila !

The costs for 5G operators are very high

You pay 5G operators 1€ per object per month + a license setup fee. Without any physical installation.
With our solution, you pay for what you use. No setup cost, no monthly cost. It costs you only a fraction of what operators asks you.
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